Inching Closer:

With 2021 here, there are two big themes for the Boone Lake Community: surviving and ending the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing our lake at a normal summer level for the first time in many long years. We hope that everyone does their part to help end the pandemic and we will also need everyone to help with the recovery of our lake. We expect that the intense efforts by crews contracted by TVA to clear the lake bottom of navigation hazards will continue as the water levels rise and that our BLA crews will be trying to keep up with debris that makes its way into the water. The projection is that water will begin to rise from its current level in mid-March and approach normal summer pool levels in July before going back down on the normal schedule in September. Throughout this process we expect an overwhelming amount of debris to be present on the lake creating major navigation hazards. We need the community’s help in clearing and cleaning the lake bottom before the water level rises and then removing debris from the water surface in whatever ways you are able to help. Let’s recover and restore our lake!

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