How Can I Help…..?

That is what I sent in an email to earlier last year. After working for 50 years I was exited about retiring (at least before COVID hit) and wanting to find a place that could use my skills, preferably around water. I paid my way through school digging holes and filling them up with water–working for my Dad who built swimming pools!

Well I got a telephone callback from Jon Wireman, the 2020 President of BLA who invited me to one of their monthly meetings to listen, meet the people who volunteered their time for BLA and hopefully find a slot I would like to join in and serve. Well after meeting Larry, Ann, Gary, Sue, Jay, Jerry, Val, and Jim I decided this was a place for me to roll up my sleeves and volunteer. So after meeting what seemed like a hundred other people at the Annual Cleanup day (September instead of April this “COVID-year”) I quickly became assistant treasurer and looking forward to 2021.–(Update: now Treasurer and Vice President).

How can you help….?

Pick an area that interests you and reach out to one of our Committees and they will give you a call to talk about “what’s next.” Choose the “Join Us” tab on the menu and choose the “Volunteering” page to get the contact person for each committee.

Franke Hahne

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