In and Around Boone Lake

The following is a very basic list of wildlife found in and around Boone Lake in an effort to begin a more detailed list for wildlife enthusiasts. If you spot an animal, fish, bird, etc that is not listed, let us know, and we can add it to this list.

Fish: bluegill, bass, crappie, carp, striper, trout, gar, catfish, brown trout

Amphibians: leopard frog, salamander

Reptiles:  snapping turtle, softshell turtle, box turtle, black snake, garter snake, water snake

Birds: mallard, bald eagle, black crowned night heron, blue heron, green heron, belted kingfisher, ruby throated hummingbird, American Coot, great white egret, seagull, grebe, cedar waxwing, cardinal, tree swallow, blue bird, gold finch, other finches, wren, red bellied woodpecker, downy woodpecker, mockingbird, tufted titmouse, black capped chickadee, nuthatch, starling, grackle, brown headed cowbird, crow, blue jay, sparrow, rufous sided towhee, dark eyed junco, Cooper’s Hawk, Canada Goose, wood duck, brown pelican, sandpiper, osprey, mourning dove

Mammals: otter, whitetail deer, groundhog, beaver, grey squirrel, black bear, racoon, coyote, skunk, red fox, gray fox, opossum